The Banana Games Volume 2 is presented by Amerotica (publisher) and EdenFantasys

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Banana Games Volume 2 Book by Amerotica
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Vegas, the City of Sin, where dreams are made or broken. Where high rollers meet with high stakes in a gamble of wits where the wrong hand can be the last. To Simone and Alex, life has become a gamble. The dice rolls every time they step out in the open and if it's snake eyes, their freedom or even their very lives can come to an end. The perfect stakes for a stint in Las Vegas. With a false trail left behind them and a slight change in appearance, the girls stop in Sin City to enjoy the sights, entertainment and plenty of hot, wet and raunchy sex. The fun cuts short when the stakes are raised as the most dangerous women in the world turn the tables on our favourite sirens. Will they survive or will Lady Luck turn her back?

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    Christian Zanier
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    2005 year
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    • I finally got to read it and spend more time "studying" the artwork. I love it, but most people I know would be turned off by it. I just happen to be a perv. ;)
    • Vol. 1 was out of stock, so I got this. I haven't gotten to read it just yet, but the art work is good. Looks hot if your into graphic novels and chicks with cocks, like I am!
    • Is this any good?
    • Nice one :) !
    • Ima hav to read vol 1
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