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A Different Kind of Sex Education.

The Best Sex Writing series has fundamentally changed the way people think-and what they say-about sexuality. Rachel Kramer Bussel has collected the year's most challenging, literate and provocative pieces on this endlessly fascinating subject.

Major commentators examine the many roles sex plays in our lives, including Jonathan Lethem, who looks back on his first experience of being a young artist in a room with "Live Nude Models." Rachel Swan's "Sex by Numbers" does some data crunching on polyamory, which turns out to be one of the fastest growing relationship styles. "Very Legal" is a surprising survey of senior sex by Alex Morris, and Melissa Gira Grant's "Happy Hookers" is an insider look at the normalization of prostitution.

Judged by the incomparable Dr. Carol Queen, this stunning collection of sex-smart essays stirs the heart and the most important sex organ of all-the brain. From bisexuality to feminist BDSM and better vibrators, condoms in porn and Tim Tebow's virginity, Best Sex Writing 2013 offers the smartest views on contemporary sexual culture.

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