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The book is a good one to add to the home library of erotica if you are looking for something that is not a full on novel. There are multiple short stories and they are perfect to get a person in the mood when you just want something easy to read and fun.

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    Various Authors
    coyote311's opinion
    There were multiple authors of various short stories. Each author had a unique "style" of writing concerning the really juicy parts of each story. An example of what I am trying to convey is that some authors entice you with tales of rough and rowdy sex; whereas, other authors prefer tales with slow passionate love making. Some use condoms, and others go bareback. Each are good in their own way.
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    Cleis Press Inc.
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    2012 year
    coyote311's opinion
    Although this book is definitely made for and geared towards women, though men will find a certain amount of enjoyment in reading it as well. I, for one, found it to be rather educational to see what rev's a woman's engine. The writing styles will appeal to all sorts of people, whether you like it fast and dirty or slow and passionate.
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    coyote311's opinion
    It is a softcover book but seems like a decent binding on it. I think if taken care of properly it would have a fair lifespan. The cover is somewhat indiscreet (see photo I included), so I wouldn't recommend bringing where public eyes may pry.
    cowboy lust
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    coyote311's opinion
    The only opinions I could mention is that the "climax" parts seemed oddly short and could have been construed to be a bit more graphic.
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    Delilah Devlin
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