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Sky Rockets in Flight.

All aboard for a round-trip ticket to a really good time! Award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel takes you under her wing with a full exploration of in-flight fantasies in Flying High. This gleeful guide to getting it on at 30,000 feet, complete with plenty of ideas for membership into the Mile High Club, presents scintillating stories of one-flight-stand seductions by solo strangers, flirty flight attendants, cocky captains and passionate passengers.

Vanessa Vaughn's edgy "Bermuda Triangle" follows a dominating female flight instructor and the two male students who do everything she says. "Wing Walker," by Cheyenne Blue, takes the idea of in-flight sex to a new level, when an amorous couple gets busy on the top wing of a biplane. Thomas S. Roche's "When Your Girlfriend Wears a Very Short Skirt" teases readers with a well-placed blanket and love in the lav. Flying High is sure to make anyone a frequent flyer!

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    2014 year
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    Rachel Kramer Bussel
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