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  • Review:

    Adventure rechargeable remote control egg review
    I love Adventures with eggs - do you?
    by edeneve
    •   edeneve

      says: BadDaddy - do not use the toy anally - ever! there is nothing to keep the toy from being sucked...

      Dec 20, 8:30 pm
  • Poll:

    Are You On EF Just For The EdenPoints?   (14)
    started by CS2012
    Category: Social
    •   nikki0668

      posts: I like browsing and reading the reviews.

      Dec 11, 11:01 am
  • Poll:

    Which type of phone do you have?   (6)
    started by CS2012
    Category: Social
    •   nikki0668

      posts: Love my Android phone. Boyfriend has an older iPhone

      Dec 11, 10:58 am
    •   nikki0668

      votes: Android

      Dec 11, 10:57 am
  • Poll:

    Vibrators and Dildos: Rotation vs thrusting   (29)
    started by eri86
    Category: Vibrators
    •   nikki0668

      posts: I love both types, but it must also have clitoral stimulation as well.

      Dec 11, 10:57 am
    •   nikki0668

      votes: I like both rotation and thrusts because...

      Dec 11, 10:56 am
  • Discussion:

    Forum at all time low   (13)
    started by Oriental husband and wife
    Category: Social
    •   nikki0668

      posts: I have started a new business. It's basically in the same lines as this site...Toy parties!! :) I do...

      Dec 11, 10:55 am
    •   nikki0668

      posts: So sorry to hear about your husband :(

      Dec 11, 10:53 am
    •   js250

      posts: I have started a new business, am liquidating inventory from another person's business that closed...

      Dec 4, 6:41 am
  • Discussion:

    How many of us are really here on EF Forums? Join...   (41)
    started by Bignuf
    Category: Social
    •   nikki0668

      posts: Are we on 27? I don't log on much anymore since they changed the points system and everything. Just...

      Dec 11, 10:51 am
    •   js250

      posts: I check in occasionally, but not as often anymore. 24

      Dec 4, 6:43 am
    •   Checkmate

      posts: I check in from time to time, but rarely find anything to contribute to on the forums,,and reviewing...

      Nov 26, 4:24 pm
  • Poll:

    It's sad, but today 12/10/14, I just signed on and...   (20)
    started by Bignuf
    Category: Social
    •   nikki0668

      posts: I log on when I can, but it's just not as fun to visit now that things have changed on here. It...

      Dec 11, 10:45 am
    •   nikki0668

      votes: I'm pretty sad about the emptyness of this forum.

      Dec 11, 10:43 am
  • Product:

    Wet look pouch short
    Wet look pouch short
    Shorts by Male Power
    Price: $17.99
    •   SecretKinksters

      says: I'm interested, just not sure

      Dec 2, 10:11 pm
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