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  • Discussion:

    Rewrite Reviews?   (5)
    started by MarriedVikingQueen
    Category: Improving reviews / Ethics / Voting / Comments
    •   Heartthrob

      posts: I have never done it. I have been with Eden for years now and have not thought it necessary. Many...

      Nov 21, 3:10 pm
  • Discussion:

    I'm back!   (9)
    started by Ryuson
    Category: Social
    •   Ryuson

      posts: Hello everyone! I am Ryu, I joined in 2011, and was an active member for about two years. I was...

      Nov 20, 9:19 pm
    •   Ryuson

      writes: Jack of all trades, master of none?

      Nov 13, 2:59 pm
    •   Heartthrob

      says: Thanks everyone!

      Nov 8, 12:40 pm
    •   Heartthrob

      writes: Classy with a Little Bit of Naughty

      Nov 7, 6:12 pm
  • Poll:

    Bad Dragon   (23)
    started by TheToyGuy
    Category: Other Toys
    •   Sir

      posts: Too expensive for me otherwise I would have a few of their things.

      Nov 3, 8:14 pm
    •   Sir

      votes: Have seen their toys

      Nov 3, 8:13 pm
  • Review:

    Sophia wand review
    Experience a New Type of Orgasm
    by Heartthrob
    •   Waterfall

      rated the review

      Nov 2, 7:34 pm
    •   Heartthrob

      writes: Experience a New Type of Orgasm

      Oct 14, 6:10 am
    •   Sir

      says: Great review!

      Nov 1, 3:10 pm
    •   Sir

      rated the review

      Nov 1, 3:09 pm
  • Discussion:

    Safer/better: Spreader bars or rope?   (21)
    started by TheToyGuy
    Category: BDSM Fun and Safety
    •   Sir

      posts: Not photoshopped, but not done by someone who is attempting to use "velcro straps" to suspend...

      Oct 31, 11:23 pm
    •   Sir

      posts: Also, sideways suspensions aren't "hard" but doing one against a wall is asinine because it doesn't...

      Oct 26, 8:34 pm
    •   Sir

      posts: I've been doing suspension for a number of years now, and what you are expressing is not something...

      Oct 26, 8:25 pm
  • Poll:

    Safe Words   (18)
    started by TheToyGuy
    Category: BDSM Fun and Safety
    •   Sir

      posts: We don't use safe words. We are very heavy edge players and also have a very particular dynamic.

      Oct 31, 11:17 pm
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