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Sedeux please review: Sedeux for anal? Yes, Please! Sedeux please The Sedeaux Please exceeded my expectations as an anal dildo. The design and construction allow for easy use without discomfort, and make maintenance and cleanup easy. I am more than happy with this purchase.

The ... read review
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Beginner cock ring review: Effective and Non-intimidating Beginner cock ring I love this thing. I cannot believe I was nervous about using a traditional type cockring before I bought and used the Tantus Beginner Cockring. Now I cannot wait to move on to the Intermediate Ring! read review
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Sliquid organics gel review: Okay, but Not Great Sliquid organics gel All in all, I think this is an okay product. I am glad I tried it, but will not purchase it again. Only mediocre performance combined with a fairly high price is a bad combination for me. I am much happier with my ... read review
Category: Anal lubes
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Octo-pleaser review: Disarmed Massager Octo-pleaser The Octo-pleaser just didn't cut it for our needs. This thing may be great for light 'teasing' but is not good for real massage of aching/tight muscles. read review
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Jesse Jane's raging bull review: Ring of Bull Jesse Jane's raging bull We bought the Jesse Jane's Raging Bull to replace an older vibrating penis ring that has gone AWOL over the years. Unfortunately, we have not had nearly as much success with the Raging Bull as we had hoped. It is almost ... read review
Category: Vibrating penis rings
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Marvel review: Evolved Marvel: A newcomer's Super Hero! Marvel The Marvel worked very well for us; allowing us to explore some new experiences and situations in bed. It has increased our likelihood of trying even more new toys and techniques. What more could we ask from a toy?!
... read review
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Universal toy cleaner review: Soap and water still the best. Universal toy cleaner While I am unsure of the necessity or even the effectiveness of Universal Toy Cleaner, I see no reason not to use it, and it is a relatively cheap 'insurance' policy against germs. While I would, and have, used only soap ... read review
Category: Toy cleaners and wipes
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Moist personal lubricant review: They Call It Moist for a Reason Moist personal lubricant Moist is designed as a simple, scent-free, no-frills lubricant—a task at which it excels. Sometimes simpler is better, and I believe this is one of those times. read review
Category: Water based lubricants
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Colt waterproof power anal-T review: Wonderful Anal vibe/prostate massager! Perfect except for one little thing..... Colt waterproof power anal-T The combination of sexual pleasure and lasting prostate health effects (for me) make this a no-brainer to recommend! The unit is inexpensive and highly effective! read review
Category: Prostate massagers
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