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    DIY TIME   (7)
    started by Athena
    Category: Gift-Giving Advice
    •   Oriental husband and wife

      posts: We are big fans of Do stuff yourself and cooking stuff ourselves. However for sex toys ? (upset) Not...

      Yesterday, 6:33 pm
    •   CuriousJ

      posts: I'm a big fan of the idea of DIY, but not so much on the implementation. I'm not intimately...

      Yesterday, 10:56 am
    •   Inquisitor

      posts: I'm interested. I have an idea for a toy box, but, have no idea on how to start it.

      Mar 26, 4:33 pm
  • Contributor:

    3.9 / 10
    •   Oriental husband and wife

      says: Why do you not have any followers or follows ?? Are you familiar with how that...

      Yesterday, 6:31 pm
  • Poll:

    Do you identify as Dominant or submissive?   (5)
    started by ToriMae
    Category: BDSM Fun and Safety
    •   Oriental husband and wife

      posts: Used to be D, but now sometimes enjoying S. (joker) Does that make me choice # 3 switch/other...

      Yesterday, 6:28 pm
    •   CuriousJ

      votes: switch/other

      Yesterday, 11:10 am
  • Poll:

    Are there more men or women on Eden Fantasys?...   (10)
    started by Livia Drew
    Category: EdenFantasys
    •   Oriental husband and wife

      posts: Is that straight as a board ? (LOL)

      Yesterday, 6:25 pm
    •   CuriousJ

      posts: Straight, but bi-curious.

      Yesterday, 11:04 am
    •   CuriousJ

      votes: Male

      Yesterday, 11:04 am
    •   Oriental husband and wife

      votes: Male

      Mar 22, 9:12 pm
    •   Inquisitor

      posts: I find the gender roles and behaviors men and women exhibit to be the most interesting part of...

      Mar 22, 12:07 pm
  • Discussion:

    why sex toys   (9)
    started by Kdlips
    Category: Vibrators
    •   Oriental husband and wife

      posts: To heighten excitement. Make the most out of life. (idea) (joker) (congrats)

      Yesterday, 6:23 pm
  • Discussion:

    Pegging   (7)
    started by rain&thunder
    Category: Secret List
    •   CuriousJ

      posts: Absolutely. Since I'm into it, I would definitely let my partner peg me. It shows that they care...

      Yesterday, 10:52 am
    •   Oriental husband and wife

      posts: There's a lot of literature on it. Explaining it's not a gay thing but great sensations felt in that...

      Mar 26, 11:49 pm
    •   Oriental husband and wife

      posts: Oh,oh, oh, I and others would love to hear about it. Perhaps in a review on the equipment used....

      Mar 25, 1:26 pm
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