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Probe Thick and rich review: Slide, Slide, Slippery, Slide Probe Thick and rich Probe thick is really great for both anal and vaginal penetration. It is well worth it's price, however it can be really sticky at times. I suggest not really using this with toys as it can leave behind a residue. read review
Category: Anal lubes
Sun, 15 Apr 2012 02:45:34 GMT
Sexy slave kit review: You get what you pay for Sexy slave kit This set is perfect for light play for new couples. If you have an easy irritation to maybe nylon or other materials, the cuffs are really soft. The cuffs can be easily slipped out of, so make sure you're not expecting ... read review
Category: Light BDSM kits
Sun, 15 Apr 2012 01:32:57 GMT