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  • Review:

    Fantasy bondage tape review
    Not Stuck on this
    by ScarletFox
    •   ScarletFox

      writes: Not Stuck on this

  • Discussion:

    Best Clit Vibe?   (8)
    started by cupcakesdontcry
    Category: Vibrators
    •   unfulfilled

      posts: We vibe Salsa is amazing. JeJoue Mimi.

  • Discussion:

    #EdenLit-Fumar-Open poetry   (2)
    started by Cedarlooman
    Category: Eden Lit
    •   Cedarlooman

      posts: I miss this group and some of the discussions we had. And the stories and poems. I myself have had...

  • Review:

    Nick Hawk locked up and lights out kit review
    Lock me up!
    by unfulfilled
    •   unfulfilled

      writes: Lock me up!

  • Discussion:

    What do YOU call someone you're having casual sex...   (34)
    started by Lucifer the Cat
    Category: Sex in General
    •   unfulfilled

      posts: Yea, sister in law is unique.

  • Contributor:

    Please base your vote on the helpfulness of my review, not on how much you like the item. Thank you!
    6.7 / 10
    •   unfulfilled

      says: Thanks for commenting on my Kegel balls review. I appreciate it. I'm sorta back. I started a job...

    •   Woman China

      says: dear Rossie... link

    •   Woman China

      says: Oh and by the way.... I don't like anal topics. I can do without them to be honest. Any news on...

    •   Woman China

      says: Want to come over and do my laundry? I really don't want to do it today. By the way. TAG!

    •   Woman China

      says: Hello beautiful!

    •   unfulfilled

      says: I'm sorta back. I've started working again so I don't really have the time I did, so I'm way behind...

    •   unfulfilled

      writes: My what big balls you have!

  • Review:

    Discreet review
    Therapy for the Body and Soul
    by unfulfilled
    •   unfulfilled

      writes: Therapy for the Body and Soul

  • Discussion:

    Dear Rossie....   (14)
    started by Woman China
    Category: Social
    •   Woman China

      posts: LOL!!!! You're right!! In Pick of Destiny isn't Jack Black playing the character John Cage or...

    •   Woman China

      posts: Golly you are clever!!!!

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