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The Green Project: Mother Earth’s Mood Enhancers by Chloe Wittkop The Green Project: Mother Earth’s Mood Enhancers There are hundreds of different ways to set a sexy mood, from scattering rose petals to scenting the room with incense or perfume… Fortunately, some of the most luxurious and romantic mojo maximizers are natural, ... read article

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Thu, 04 Mar 2010 12:32:46 GMT
The Green Project: Sustainable Aphrodisiacs by Chloe Wittkop The Green Project: Sustainable Aphrodisiacs Eating and sex go hand in hand. In fact, people have been using edibles to get in the mood for centuries. (Hey, all kidding aside, Cupid ain’t stupid!) If you want to feel sexy AND smart this Valentine’s Day, it’s easy ... read article

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