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  • Discussion:

    Points are Pointless?   (14)
    started by Eliza
    Category: Shopping the site
    •   Princess-Kayla ?

      posts: I honestly feel like I'd rather them make it harder to earn points and let us use the gift cards to...

      Aug 22, 12:49 am
  • Follow-up review:

    Master suspension cuffs review
    Sexy Suspension Cuffs
    by Princess-Kayla ♥, 14 months after original review
    •   Princess-Kayla ?

      writes: These cuffs are fantastic! They're super durable and are in wonderful condition. I don't use them..."

      Aug 22, 12:46 am
  • Discussion:

    The Animal   (3)
    started by That Man from Mars
    Category: BDSM Fun and Safety
    •   Princess-Kayla ?

      posts: Oh my gosh. I love it when my husband gets like primal during sex. I just want him to growl and pin...

      Jun 6, 12:37 am
  • Discussion:

    R.A.C.K or S.S.C....Which to you prefer?   (14)
    started by BloodHound
    Category: BDSM Fun and Safety
    •   Princess-Kayla ?

      posts: I feel like they're both good terms but RACK is better in my opinion. I feel like it's better to...

      Jun 3, 3:13 pm
    •   Kayla&JJ ?

      writes: Fun with a leash

      Jun 3, 2:52 pm
  • Contributor:

    4.4 / 10
  • Review:

    Eden vibrating realistic review
    Realistic Dong
    by Princess-Kayla ♥
    •   Kayla&JJ ?

      says: Thank you!

      Mar 28, 1:24 am
    •   Kayla&JJ ?

      says: Thank you so much for reading.

      Mar 25, 4:11 pm
    •   Kayla&JJ ?

      writes: Realistic Dong

      Mar 21, 5:00 pm
  • Discussion:

    Best pump for Trans guy?   (11)
    started by Asher
    Category: Trans* Talk
    •   eroticmutt

      posts: Some people are more sensitive than others, and some people are a little bit wild and would try to...

      Mar 24, 6:50 am
    •   Roman Prinz

      posts: I use the Size Matters 'Clitoris' pump. It's excellent, has three sizes of cylinders, and has been...

  • Discussion:

    Will the Packers ever come back?!?!   (10)
    started by Asher
    Category: Trans* Talk
    •   eroticmutt

      posts: I'm pretty sure Eden's going to keep their trans* stuff in stock. Even simply from a business point...

      Mar 24, 6:48 am
  • Discussion:

    Trans* Media   (5)
    started by Billie Bones
    Category: Trans* Talk
    •   eroticmutt

      posts: Thank you for these recommendations, guys I am definitely going to check these out.

      Mar 24, 6:46 am
  • Discussion:

    Is Edenfantasys inclusive to trans women?   (9)
    started by angstygoose
    Category: Trans* Talk
    •   eroticmutt

      posts: Is there somewhere else that has more options? I wasn't aware if there was.

      Mar 24, 6:45 am
  • Discussion:

    How can we make asking preferred gender pronouns a...   (16)
    started by Rhinobaby
    Category: Trans* Talk
    •   eroticmutt

      posts: I think that the most sensible thing to do is to simply refer to other people as Them, Their or They...

      Mar 24, 6:44 am
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