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    OH&W, Lovebears
    OH&W, Lovebears
    Life will go on with or without us. Enjoy it while you can.
    7.9 / 10
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: I need a smiley saying "Shh, hush" [smile | 9 |...

      12:44 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Thank you BO and Vn for reading and rating Her Orange Dream Machine review.

      12:30 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Saw it. I'll do the same. btw, copied it. Lol. Now have something to hold .... ...[smile | 50 |...

      Apr 15, 7:37 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Our review on the Infinity Rechargeable Vibe published today. Would appreciate reads and honest...

      Apr 15, 2:17 pm
    •   H&W, Lovebears

      says: Name and pic change again ! More changes than a chameleon !

      Apr 13, 6:50 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: (upset) Somehow I think I got the wrong thought when you said "either end" (joker) (blush) Have a...

      12:40 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: We may have experienced this at the most 2-3 times. It's hard to tell when she reached orgasm. And...

      Yesterday, 2:58 pm
  • Poll:

    Exxon or Apple   (16)
    started by Inquisitor
    Category: A Day in My Life
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: What loan me and then get back your principal and any gains? Do I have to pay the taxes for you...

      12:36 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Yes, the most volatile of the 3. Higher possible gain and loss. Low price has been fairly steady...

      Yesterday, 6:57 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Go ahead and split my 1 k among these mfs: FLPS, FCNTX, & FBIOX. :-)

      Yesterday, 3:11 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Hey Mr E, Sure be nice if someone (hint Inq) gave both of us 1k to invest. Then after x number of...

      Apr 15, 8:14 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: One would think it does, but unfortunate it doesn't. I've held them hoping they will go back up each...

      Apr 15, 2:11 pm
  • Contributor:

    Always keep your Lover guessing...
    6.0 / 10
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: You have another opportunity. Better hurry, it's time for...

      Yesterday, 7:32 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: If you snozze, you lose.

      Yesterday, 7:24 pm
  • Discussion:

    Does anyone ever take a look at Texts From Last...   (3)
    started by Inquisitor
    Category: Social
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: No didn't know about it. Will check it out. Thanks ;)

      Yesterday, 7:22 pm
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