Cynthia Jordan
Cynthia Jordan
  Use XGQ for 15% off. Finished making my porno last night
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    •   Livia Drew

      rated the review

      Mar 26, 6:57 pm
  • Poll:

    Are You On EF Just For The EdenPoints?   (25)
    started by CS2012
    Category: Social
    •   Livia Drew

      posts: EdenPoints are great, but there's no other community like EF!

      Mar 26, 3:37 pm
    •   Pete's Princess

      posts: The points program used to be very generous. Now that we can only use 15% in points and they no...

  • Contributor:

    Oriental husband and wife
    Oriental husband and wife
    Life will go on with or without us. Enjoy it while you can.
    7.5 / 10
  • Poll:

    What would you do? A matter of trust.   (16)
    started by TexasBrat
    Category: Women's Sexual Health
    •   Livia Drew

      posts: You've got me pegged (no pun intended). And you guys are in no way jokers. The fact that you're part...

      Mar 25, 9:03 am
    •   Livia Drew

      posts: I would stop having sex with them and insist we go to marriage counseling. If my spouse had that...

      Mar 22, 8:34 am
    •   Livia Drew

      votes: Stop sleeping with them all together. Lost trust, no lust.

      Mar 22, 8:30 am
  • Poll:

    Who is more sexually adventurous in your...   (2)
    started by Livia Drew
    Category: Sexual Fantasies
    •   Livia Drew

      votes: I identify as a woman in a heterosexual relationship and more sexually adventurous than my partner.

      Mar 22, 12:29 pm
    •   Livia Drew

      posts: I often wonder about who's pushing sexual limits more out there in terms of gender. Who is more...

      Mar 22, 9:00 am
  • Poll:

    Are there more men or women on Eden Fantasys?...   (4)
    started by Livia Drew
    Category: EdenFantasys
    •   Livia Drew

      votes: Female

      Mar 22, 12:29 pm
    •   Livia Drew

      posts: You'll hear a lot about what men and women's sexual roles are, but have you ever wondered about...

      Mar 22, 9:06 am
  • Poll:

    What is your #1 sexual fantasy?   (68)
    started by College Curiosity
    Category: Sexual Fantasies
    •   Livia Drew

      posts: If my dream last night is any indication...

      Mar 22, 8:47 am
    •   Livia Drew

      votes: Domination/Submission

      Mar 22, 8:46 am
  • Poll:

    What do you enjoy most?   (18)
    started by Sam The Bam
    Category: Sex in General
    •   Livia Drew

      posts: Love it when my partner goes down on me (I'm a vagina owner). But power to you Oriental Husband and...

      Mar 22, 8:44 am
    •   Livia Drew

      votes: Oral

      Mar 22, 8:42 am
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