GottaTryit28's profile GottaTryit28's profile en-us Copyright 2016 Web Merchants, Inc. all rights reserved. Orgasmic sparkle 10 function review: Best Orgasm Ever Orgasmic sparkle 10 function This item is fabulous. I would recommend this if you are a beginner to the anal. The size is small enough that it won't hurt you much. The 10 different vibrations give one heck of an orgasm. read review
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Basix slim review: Great for anyone to use Basix slim This item is worth getting. It feels like an actual dick when it's inside. It also works great with vibes. You can't go wrong with this. read review
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Lia G kiss review: This is one heck of a product Lia G kiss One heck of a product and a great vibe. Easy to use and the intensity level is great! There was nothing that I could find wrong with this product. I am not one for the anal play anyway so this is perfect for me. If you ... read review
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Shane’s World sorority hottie review: Mixed feelings about Sorority hottie Shane’s World sorority hottie This product give a decent orgasm when you know how to use it. It does not feel like skin as said on the box, but when used properly it can make you have one heck of an orgasm. read review
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Waterproof turbo glider blueberry bliss review: Great Product Waterproof turbo glider blueberry bliss This item is worth every penny. It helped me with my sex life and it could even help with yours. What is fabulous about this is that my husband and I can use it and we both have the best sex we possibly could. I'm glad I ... read review
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