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    Eden rechargeable dual vibrator review
    Perfect for a night of pleasure!
    by sextherapy
    •   Lucifer the Cat

      rated the editor's job

      Aug 9, 4:30 pm
  • Discussion:

    ATTN: Men! This One Is For You   (38)
    started by Missy May
    Category: Men's Sexual Health
    •   Missy May

      posts: And thank you Oriental husband and wife, but I didn't mean to make it so interesting. Lol. I just...

      Mar 19, 10:27 am
    •   Missy May

      posts: Thank you! I didn't mean to. Lol.

      Mar 19, 10:26 am
    •   Missy May

      posts: That is a hilarious thought! I think it would be interesting to go out on a double date or a group...

      Mar 19, 10:21 am
    •   Missy May

      posts: That is a wonderful idea! I'll have to put more thought into that and run it by the guys. See what...

      Mar 17, 8:14 pm
    •   Missy May

      posts: You'd be surprised how many "homophobes" enjoy butt stuff. ;)

      Mar 17, 2:09 pm
  • Discussion:

    I'm Baaaack... Kinda.   (22)
    started by Missy May
    Category: Site Features
    •   Missy May

      posts: Indeed. I wish there were a way like facebook or reddit to let ppl know you agree without having...

      Mar 17, 8:17 pm
    •   Missy May

      posts: That's a good sign. Thanks for sharing that.

      Mar 17, 8:08 pm
    •   Missy May

      posts: Without moderators, I doubt any of this would get back to them. I wonder if they would be interested...

      Mar 17, 6:49 pm
    •   Missy May

      posts: I did wonder why they gave out toys so freely. But I figured that they could afford to with all the...

      Mar 17, 6:33 pm
    •   Missy May

      posts: I sure do hope it was a rumor started. The person I read it from seemed pretty peeved with EF....

      Mar 17, 5:50 pm
  • Discussion:

    Why Am I Broke?!   (14)
    started by Missy May
    Category: Vibrators
    •   Missy May

      posts: I am a parent, and I have to tell my boys all the time "no we are not buying that, you have xyz at...

      Mar 17, 8:11 pm
    •   Missy May

      posts: Agree. I'm probably going to talk the husband into a cheaper one this pay period.

      Mar 17, 6:28 pm
    •   Missy May

      posts: It's not that we have a beer budget with wine tastes, well, not all the time. I recently got laid...

      Mar 17, 5:25 pm
    •   Missy May

      posts: It's no secret. I'm a toy whore. I fucking love toys. I gladly buy toys, when affordable, just to...

      Mar 17, 3:03 pm
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