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    Getting vs Giving Cat Calls/Hallas   (17)
    started by Vnessa
    Category: Social
    •   Amber1319

      posts: I don't really have the issue of cat calls, I am normally with my boyfriend when I go out. But I...

      Jun 28, 6:35 pm
  • Poll:

    Is 20 years too much?   (7)
    started by unoriginalgirlyid
    Category: Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
    •   Amber1319

      posts: For myself personally that is a little old. I wouldn't mind talking to them, but that's as far as I...

      Jun 28, 6:34 pm
  • Poll:

    Do you prefer realistic over unrealistic dildos?   (9)
    started by KookyLover
    Category: Dildos
    •   Amber1319

      posts: It is more of the performance than the looks :)

      Jun 28, 6:33 pm
  • Poll:

    How do you take care of your lady bits?   (3)
    started by unoriginalgirlyid
    Category: Women's Sexual Health
    •   Amber1319

      posts: I usually shower once or twice a day and use body wash to clean me.

      Jun 28, 6:24 pm
  • Poll:

    Do you enjoy using anal beads?   (3)
    started by KookyLover
    Category: Anal Toys
    •   Amber1319

      votes: I do not enjoy using anal beads

      Jun 28, 6:23 pm
  • Review:

    Hot wired dress review
    He just can't say no!
    by xfairyxtalex
    •   xfairyxtalex

      writes: He just can't say no!

      Jun 19, 2:57 am
  • Discussion:

    "The Fantasy Box"   (6)
    started by MegDelicious
    Category: Spicing up a Marriage
    •   PropertyOfPotter

      posts: They're a really great company! The products they select are fantastic and they truly care about...

      Jun 10, 4:48 pm
  • Discussion:

    Some Information About Wicked Wahine   (15)
    started by Rossie
    Category: Announcements from Contributors
    •   js250

      posts: Good! I miss her and am looking forward to catching up! Will also try to call her again....

      Jun 10, 1:49 pm
    •   js250

      posts: Glad to see the update! I tried to call her awhile back and did not receive an answer--now I know...

      May 29, 12:10 pm
  • Discussion:

    Description Review Guidelines Update   (32)
    started by Obscura
    Category: Description Review Program
    •   js250

      posts: Thank you. I will include them on the reviews for items that have more features.

      Jun 10, 1:47 pm
    •   js250

      posts: What I have done in the past for rating an item with multiple factors was to rate each factor...

      Jun 8, 11:32 am
  • Review:

    Eden flow silicone rechargeable dual vibrator review
    Flow to your O
    by BlackOrchid
    •   *Keona*

      rated the review

      Jun 9, 4:08 pm
  • Discussion:

    How social are you?   (16)
    started by symbiasin
    Category: Social
    •   Amber1319

      posts: When it comes to strangers, I am VERY quiet. Someone I am comfortable with, never shut up :)

      Jun 8, 7:49 pm
    •   js250

      posts: I am a mixture of both. It really depends on the mood I am in and my gut feelings about someone. I...

      May 29, 12:08 pm
    •   bbygrl1988

      posts: When it comes to strangers, completely quiet. Close friends, I don't shut up :)

      May 27, 6:07 pm
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