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    •   Rossie

      says: Thank you for following! Glad to see you enrolling in Charmedtomeetyou's class! She's a great...

      7:23 pm
  • Poll:

    How do you use whips sexually for pleasure or...   (11)
    started by Lvstoplay
    Category: Toys and Equipment
    •   Sir

      posts: The term "whip" actually refers to a single tail, multi-plait braided flail. It is braided in such a...

      10:28 am
    •   Rossie

      posts: I know very little about whips. However, I also thought she was talking about "floggers" since she...

      May 3, 7:25 pm
    •   Sir

      posts: I can give you a ton of resources, let me know if you're interested via a message and I will send...

      May 1, 4:58 pm
    •   Sir

      posts: Whips are not listed as "pleasure whips," but thank you. I currently own a number of whips of...

      May 1, 4:57 pm
    •   Sir

      posts: I think that pain can be pleasurable. Maybe not while it's happening, but it can be an erotic and...

      Apr 29, 9:36 pm
  • Review:

    Platinum edition personal pleasurizer review
    Flexible Pleasure
    by Sunspyne
    •   Rossie

      rated the review

      8:46 am
    •   Rossie

      says: Welcome to Eden! Thank you for sharing your first review!

      8:45 am
  • Discussion:

    Help, still a trial member   (14)
    started by Jmo2280
    Category: Customer service questions
    •   Rossie

      posts: You're still a trial member??? ;O

      Yesterday, 10:14 pm
    •   Rossie

      posts: I hope everything goes smoothly for you! :-)

      Yesterday, 10:12 pm
    •   Rossie

      posts: You will become a regular member after the 15 days trial period, please read the following info:...

      Yesterday, 4:13 pm
    •   Rossie

      posts: Welcome to the Community! :) I believe you've just activated your discussion service, you've...

      Yesterday, 3:07 pm
  • Discussion:

    Best toys for beginner for anal?   (6)
    started by Dovahkiin73
    Category: Anal Toys
    •   Rossie

      posts: Yes, the plugs with only a small ring handle can be dangerous! The Mood Naughty plugs are reliable. ...

      Yesterday, 4:22 pm
    •   Rossie

      posts: The best way to start is with a finger and plenty of lube. After warming up with a finger, you can...

      Yesterday, 3:38 pm
  • Review:

    Blue spiral G review
    Extra Excitement
    by Mecutie
    •   Rossie

      says: Welcome to Eden! Thank you for sharing your first review.

      Yesterday, 12:18 am
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