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  on the way to get inside me
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    #Rumble - February Review Rumble   (15)
    started by Lena Eden
    Category: Contests
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Col, just can't get that kitten off my tail. Every time I pull ahead,she catches up. Anyway, hope...

      Mar 18, 1:46 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Oh,;O dead heat means I'm dead meat. :P

      Mar 14, 11:15 am
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Oh, ;O another close one. Everyone's neck to neck (love shower)

      Mar 8, 7:04 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: So far pretty close. :(

      Mar 7, 11:41 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Ali vs Frazier again (upset) . Well not totally accurate. Need something with kitty kat vs bears...

      Mar 7, 1:38 am
  • Contributor:

    Always willing to learn something new and exciting.
    8.8 / 10
  • Discussion:

    Made an Upgrade Request   (3)
    started by #kayndre
    Category: Upgrade Requests: community vote
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: (bliss) (love shower) (beer) :D (congrats) (confetti) Now lets see them reviews roll out faster...

      Mar 17, 8:45 pm
  • Poll:

    Do you cheat?   (3)
    started by Jmo2280
    Category: Dating
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Need to pay attention to the Poll "open for how long" Anyway, what is considered cheating ?

      Mar 17, 8:38 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Thanks sXeV, Never again !

      Mar 17, 8:34 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      writes: A Must-Have For Any Anal Enthusiast (whether solo, receiver or giver)

      Mar 16, 5:08 am
  • Discussion:

    Orgasm While Pegging   (4)
    started by Gunsmoke
    Category: Strap It On
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Are you saying she has a dildo w vibrating ring inside her as she is banging away in your butt?

      Mar 17, 11:07 am
  • Discussion:

    Oral and Deep Throat   (20)
    started by OH&W, Lovebears
    Category: Oral Sex Tips and Tricks
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: (congrats) you know, I thought ?? I thought there was something in the news about howling in a...

      Mar 17, 1:11 am
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Wow;O 9.5"? Deep throat (WOW) you're both lucky (love dance)

      Feb 27, 12:10 am
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Thanks for sharing! Great tips. Now I need to figure how to get my firm cock in a downward position....

      Feb 12, 11:59 am
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: What ?(upset) nobody, male or female performs oral on their partner ? (shrug) That I don't...

      Feb 8, 7:10 pm
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