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    Does your line of work require continuing...   (10)
    started by Bignuf
    Category: Social
    •   Inquisitor

      posts: It's not like I want to wait till the last minute, but that is when management reminds me about the...

      31 min
    •   Inquisitor

      votes: Yes, my career does require retraining or retesting.

      32 min
    •   Inquisitor

      votes: I have to retrain or retest and I do hate it.

      32 min
    •   Inquisitor

      votes: I am a procrastinator and wait till the last minute.

      32 min
  • Comparative discussion:

    When he's ready to come - men's versus women's...   (259)
    started by OhMy!
    Category: Men's Sexual Health
    •   Inquisitor

      posts: (ROFL), Pregnancy... It is a life long incurable STD and it never goes away. It only progresses. ...

      41 min
    •   Vnessa

      posts: I don't exactly like cum on me but I will allow it--just not on the face. There have only been a...

      Yesterday, 11:34 pm
    •   Vnessa

      posts: Measurements and dimensions are always very good. That's something that I've noticed is missing g...

      Yesterday, 5:33 pm
    •   Inquisitor

      posts: Measurements and potential alternate uses of the item. For example let's say someone is reviewing a...

      Yesterday, 2:53 pm
  • Discussion:

    Do you like eating pussy?   (55)
    started by zz1aag
    Category: Men on Men, Women on Women
    •   Inquisitor

      posts: Despite the location of this thread and the original poster's audience, I have to say that is just...

      Yesterday, 2:45 pm
    •   Vnessa

      posts: are such an AWESOME Husband!! Okay. Crazy thought, since I understand a little how...

      May 28, 10:40 pm
    •   Vnessa

      posts: As one member said....Enthusiastical ly, yes lol (love shower)

      May 27, 9:52 pm
    •   Vnessa

      posts: (ROFL) As I first saw this thread, I was saying, I don't care about eating it personally but LAWD I...

      May 26, 9:45 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: Js, Your reviews are super good. Not only informative to the t, but always some extra infor. Really...

      Yesterday, 1:48 pm
  • Discussion:

    Could local lubes damage toys?   (2)
    started by Johnny5386
    Category: Lubricants
    •   Inquisitor

      posts: As long as the lube is water based, you shouldn't have an issue with your Tenga. Tenga's do wear out...

      May 28, 8:18 pm
  • Discussion:

    How social are you?   (9)
    started by symbiasin
    Category: Social
    •   Inquisitor

      posts: LOL! Yeah, I think that works out well for you two.

      May 28, 7:37 pm
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