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  • Review:

    Pure bendie 10 function review
    Beginners Dream
    by PHOENIX3045
    •   sexytileena / absolutely love sex

      rated the editor's job

      Jun 11, 10:18 am
    •   sexytileena / absolutely love sex

      rated the review

      Jun 11, 10:18 am
  • Discussion:

    curious to womans perspective   (27)
    started by andykh
    Category: Foreplay Your Way
    •   surreptitious

      posts: The reason I commented what I did is because if I called up five of my girlfriends and asked which...

      May 18, 11:48 pm
    •   surreptitious

      posts: It most depends on the woman. If you'd like to know what a specific woman likes, I definitely...

      May 18, 9:51 pm
  • Discussion:

    what is your breast/bra size? I've never heard of...   (17)
    started by Edeneve
    Category: Lingerie
    •   surreptitious

      posts: I definitely don't think there's generally any need for "super supportive granny bras" - perhaps you...

      May 18, 11:44 pm
    •   surreptitious

      posts: If you're wearing the right size bra, you don't wind up with poor posture or a sore back due to your...

      May 18, 6:26 pm
  • Discussion:

    Do you Mispronounce These Words?   (18)
    started by Wicked Wahine
    Category: Social
    •   surreptitious

      posts: Seuss was one of my favorite authors as a child, and when I started working in the children's...

      May 18, 7:34 am
    •   surreptitious

      posts: The list of 50 food words has some interesting French and Vietnamese "corrections" ; that definitely...

      May 17, 8:29 pm
    •   surreptitious

      posts: I memorized this for funsies when I was in high school (I...

      May 16, 6:22 am
    •   surreptitious

      posts: My biggest problem was me guessing the right thing! I swear, guessing "lambast?" Definitely made me...

      May 12, 8:10 pm
  • Review:

    Celine gripper wand review
    Silky Smooth
    by sexytileena / absolutely love sex
    •   sexytileena / absolutely love sex

      writes: Silky Smooth

      May 15, 6:03 am
  • Follow-up review:

    Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet sting review
    Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sting Crop
    by gwenevieve, 10 months after original review
    •   gwenevieve

      writes: Still loving this crop! It really does pack quite the sweet sting, I have been swatted this thing on..."

      Apr 30, 4:34 pm
  • Product:

    China anal lube natural
    China anal lube natural
    Lubricant by Nasstoys
    Price: $8.99
    •   Mr Dj

      says: Has anyone tried this?

      Apr 28, 10:40 am
  • Contributor:

    0.0 / 10
    •   Mr Dj

      says: Description Review

      Apr 28, 10:34 am
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