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  • Poll:

    Does the intensity of your orgasms vary?   (15)
    started by icyqueen
    Category: Better Orgasms Every Day
    •   pirata

      posts: I once had one that was not even just meh, it was actively bad. Like it gave me cramps. It sucked

      Feb 15, 7:10 pm
  • Poll:

    How long do you spend researching a toy before...   (10)
    started by Aesenthia
    Category: Personal Experiences
    •   pirata

      votes: Researching products that are on sale as quickly as possible before sale ends

      Feb 12, 10:04 pm
  • Poll:

    if you enjoy the wonderous pleasures of glass...   (25)
    started by edeneve
    Category: Dildos
    •   pirata

      posts: I only have one, it's the icicle no 1. I have no clue how I feel about glass because this toy...

      Feb 5, 2:28 am
    •   pirata

      votes: other

      Feb 5, 2:26 am
  • Discussion:

    Forum at all time low   (24)
    started by Oriental husband and wife
    Category: Social
    •   js250

      posts: Thank you!

      Jan 20, 2:01 pm
    •   js250

      posts: Thank you!The site was a fun hobby for me when I was married, but now it is a check in site and I...

      Jan 20, 2:00 pm
    •   js250

      posts: Vintage motocross bikes. I have been restoring them for about 6 years now and it keeps growing...

      Jan 20, 1:55 pm
    •   js250

      posts: I have started a new business, am liquidating inventory from another person's business that closed...

  • Comparative discussion:

    Kinky hobbits? Kinky hobbits!   (56)
    started by kdlt
    Category: TV, movies, music, and books
    •   pirata

      posts: Thorin is practically wearing fetish gear already

      Jan 10, 10:40 pm
    •   pirata

      posts: i said elves since they are immortal and you have to start getting...curious after a certain point...

      Jan 10, 10:39 pm
    •   pirata

      votes: Elves

      Jan 10, 10:37 pm
    •   garnet

      says: In my hands, now

      Jan 6, 11:19 pm
  • Poll:

    It's sad, but today 12/10/14, I just signed on and...   (28)
    started by Bignuf
    Category: Social
    •   Checkmate

      votes: The Llama's ate almost everyone.

      Jan 5, 5:01 pm
  • Discussion:

    How many of us are really here on EF Forums? Join...   (42)
    started by Bignuf
    Category: Social
    •   js250

      posts: I check in occasionally, but not as often anymore. 24

    •   Checkmate

      posts: I check in from time to time, but rarely find anything to contribute to on the forums,,and reviewing...

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