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    Adventure rechargeable remote control egg review
    Sexy Wireless Egg To-Go!
    by ker
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      says: Thanks for the review! It was a pleasure to edit. : ) I agree with what BlackOrchid said, though,...

      10:37 am
  • Discussion:

    Do you feel there are Angels among us?   (21)
    started by js250
    Category: Social
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      posts: Right now my Kindle is missing, even though I know where I left it. : / It'll show up in a week or...

      10:29 am
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      posts: Well, for one, I remember that I was once very little and bundled up because it was a very cold...

      Yesterday, 6:27 pm
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      posts: I'm not sure if I would call them angels per se, but I do believe in some form of supernatural...

      Apr 19, 6:32 pm
  • Contributor:

    Please base your vote on the helpfulness of my review, not on how much you like the item. Thank you!
    6.2 / 10
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      says: Haha, I know, right? I was lucky to snag my Seduction off of somebody when I did, and even then,...

      9:42 am
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      says: Urghhhh~ All the Fling talk reminded me how much I want one! I won't be able to wait a year for that...

      Apr 19, 5:03 pm
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      says: Yesss. I think I'll stick with that one. This way, I can look forward to it more, and its purchase...

      Apr 18, 9:30 pm
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      says: It's from one of the main toy shops. It's actually $200, but you can get 25% off with a coupon....

      Apr 17, 11:41 am
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      says: It's so expensive, though! The cheapest I've been able to find it is $150.... I don't think I'll be...

      Apr 16, 11:50 pm
  • Product:

    Be mine naughty candy heart
    Be mine naughty candy heart
    Butt plug by Blush Novelties
    Price: $15.99
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      says: I've noticed that many of the newer products don't have them. I assume that EF is slowly phasing...

      9:37 am
  • Discussion:

    I'm an Editor, but I cannot Edit Anything   (2)
    started by wrecklesswords
    Category: F.A.Q.
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      posts: Oooh, that sounds bad. : / Have you submitted a support ticket about it? I have one review in my...

      Yesterday, 8:22 pm
  • Discussion:

    Review not submitted yet.   (26)
    started by Cream in the Cupcake
    Category: Improving reviews / Ethics / Voting / Comments
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      posts: I think that they're worried about new editors. I know that one of the recent ones made a lot of...

      Yesterday, 7:25 pm
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      posts: Frankly, when people act like this, it makes me want to edit less rather than more.

      Apr 16, 11:33 am
    •   Wicked Wahine

      posts: Thanks for that, wrecklesswords. I think I got a wee bit cranky after seeing two different angry...

      Apr 15, 10:50 pm
    •   Sincerely Yours, N

      posts: I agree with everything that WW is saying, with the exception that my point count isn't that high...

      Apr 15, 10:04 pm
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