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    Travel bunny
    Travel bunny
    Rabbit vibrator by EdenFantasys
    Price: $34.99
    Super Savings - Save 30%
    Super Savings - Save 40%
    Super Savings! Save 50%
    •   ~LaUr3n~

      rates: 4 stars

      Aug 30, 9:09 pm
  • Discussion:

    "The Fantasy Box"   (7)
    started by MegDelicious
    Category: Spicing up a Marriage
    •   PropertyOfPotter

      posts: I haven't received other boxes from their competitors, to be honest. I just know the owners put a...

      Aug 7, 5:29 pm
    •   PropertyOfPotter

      posts: They're a really great company! The products they select are fantastic and they truly care about...

      Jun 10, 4:48 pm
  • Discussion:

    What's on your Kinky Bucket List?   (57)
    started by BloodHound
    Category: BDSM Fun and Safety
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      posts: I would love to have her get a corset piercing permanently. I would like my nipples pierced with...

      Aug 5, 10:34 pm
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      posts: Ok ok... last one I promise... (Since the theme in the comments is parking lots...) So it was...

      Jul 31, 12:08 am
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      posts: Here is a new twist to an old story. Who hasn't had sex in the water right... So she and I are in...

      Jul 30, 11:46 pm
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      posts: Ok... So we went to a wedding this last year and about half way through the dinner she was...

      Jul 30, 11:20 pm
  • Follow-up review:

    RO-160mm bullet review
    Whoa momma its the RO-160! This things huge!
    by The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary, 7 months after original review
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      writes: That huge ole 160.... Well its not really a dildo and its not really a vibrator... its the..."

      Jul 16, 9:25 pm
  • Follow-up review:

    Sweet candy cane review
    Candy Cane sex toy... what a fantastic naughty present for her stocking!
    by The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary, 28 months after original review
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      writes: Ahh the candy cane... The truth is we still like it but we still like it at probably more of a..."

      Jul 16, 9:20 pm
  • Follow-up review:

    RO-150mm slimline bullet review
    by The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary, 7 months after original review
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      writes: Well its been a while since you have last heard from us about this toy. The truth is we still like..."

      Jul 16, 9:15 pm
  • Poll:

    Would you go to a nude beach?   (42)
    started by BlackOrchid
    Category: Sex in General
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      posts: Thanks Lvstoplay! Truth is I have to get back into shape, I am being forced to with the family...

      Jun 26, 12:06 am
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      posts: See the messed up thing about it is my arms back and legs are chizzled. But I have a little extra...

      Jun 26, 12:02 am
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      posts: Now here is the thing.... I used to be pretty heavy into sports and I cant ever say I was hot or...

      Jun 25, 12:34 am
  • Discussion:

    (girls) Do you like it when a guy slaps your ass...   (74)
    started by kaykay0427
    Category: Sex in General
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      posts: If you don't mind, What fetish gear do you use Kipperanne?

      Jun 25, 11:58 pm
    •   The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary

      posts: Yep right at the roots so im not pulling them out. Firm but gentile I am all about that.

      Jun 22, 4:21 pm
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