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  • Discussion:

    any water based lubes for a silicone fan?   (3)
    started by MattBryant
    Category: Lubricants
    •   MissMandii

      posts: I really like the organic Sliquids. I don't know if it is the plant cellulose or what, but their...

      Mar 17, 1:11 pm
  • Discussion:

    Are your orgasms the same "intensity" with a...   (16)
    started by Bignuf
    Category: Better Orgasms Every Day
    •   MissMandii

      posts: This has actually changed for me in recent years. I've been having sex with my husband since we were...

      Mar 15, 12:22 pm
  • Poll:

    To Shave or Not to Shave?   (64)
    started by Ansley
    Category: Sex and Pop Culture
    •   MissMandii

      votes: Do the grooming habits for a man's pubic region matter?

      Mar 15, 12:15 pm
    •   MissMandii

      votes: Yes! Why should I have to floss, if he doesn't?

      Mar 15, 12:15 pm
  • Contributor:

    0.0 / 10
    •   BitterSweet

      says: Description Review. Its been awhile....would love to ge back into doing monthly reviews again....

      Mar 13, 10:54 pm
  • Follow-up review:

    Lia G kiss review
    Small but Mighty
    by ~LaUr3n~, 12 months after original review
    •   ~LaUr3n~

      writes: I loved this toy for quite awhile. It did end up acting weird, however. It would make loud noises on..."

      Feb 6, 10:39 am
  • Follow-up review:

    Bsoft review
    Bsoft was too soft.
    by MissMandii, 7 months after original review
    •   MissMandii

      writes: I still have this toy sitting in my toy drawer collecting dust. I tae it out occasionally to see if..."

      Jan 24, 5:29 pm
  • Follow-up review:

    Fetish Fantasy feather clamps review
    Tickle my fancy! (Just don't let the cat get near them!)
    by MissMandii, 7 months after original review
    •   MissMandii

      writes: I put I still like it even though I have yet to buy another set. I really would love to have another..."

      Jan 24, 5:28 pm
  • Follow-up review:

    Dona kissable body drizzle review
    Dona ick-able body drizzle.
    by MissMandii, 7 months after original review
    •   MissMandii

      writes: I seriously could not stand the taste or smell of this product. I gave it to a friend of mine who..."

      Jan 24, 5:25 pm
  • Review:

    Sliquid organics natural review
    My go to lube.
    by MissMandii
    •   MissMandii

      writes: My go to lube.

      Jan 24, 12:59 am
  • Review:

    Nick Hawk full potential review
    Nick has NO potential
    by MissMandii
    •   MissMandii

      writes: Nick has NO potential

      Jan 24, 12:46 am
  • Follow-up review:

    Bcute pearl review
    Bcute could Bbetter.
    by MissMandii, 6 months after original review
    •   MissMandii

      writes: While I stand behind my statement that it could be a night toy for a beginner, I still just don't..."

  • Follow-up review:

    Personal moisturizer review
    Sticky Mess!
    by MissMandii, 7 months after original review
    •   MissMandii

      writes: I have gotten plenty of samples of this product, even since writing my original review, and..."

  • Review:

    Love Candy by Kendra the Curve review
    Curve Appeal
    by Femme Mystique
    •   Femme Mystique

      writes: Curve Appeal

    •   MissMandii

      rated the review

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