No synthetic ingredients in my food or in my lube
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  • Product:

    Twistty silicone dildo
    Twistty silicone dildo
    Dildo by Maia Toys
    Price: $26.24
    •   sexiskewt

      says: I wish the velvety silicone dildos weren't always so wide!

      Oct 27, 11:33 pm
  • Product:

    Latina lover
    Latina lover
    Masturbator by Blush Novelties
    Price: $29.24
    •   sexiskewt

      says: Could certainly do without the fetishistic name!

      Oct 27, 11:13 pm
  • Product:

    Mystery Adult DVD
    Mystery Adult DVD
    Miscellaneous by EdenFantasys
    Price: $39.99
    •   <3BF

      rates: 1 stars

      Oct 4, 9:27 am
  • Product:

    My first nipple clamps
    My first nipple clamps
    Vibrating nipple clamps by Nasstoys
    Price: $17.24
    •   girl next door

      rates: 5 stars

      Mar 8, 2:36 am
  • Discussion:

    Best Clit Vibe?   (7)
    started by cupcakesdontcry
    Category: Vibrators
    •   unfulfilled

      posts: We vibe Salsa is amazing. JeJoue Mimi.

      Feb 22, 12:18 pm
  • Contributor:

    0.0 / 10
  • Comparative discussion:

    Aspergers. v. ADHD: which partner would you rather...   (50)
    started by RememberMe
    Category: Sex & Disability
    •   VelvetDragon

      posts: I find this post problematic and ableist, so I'm not voting. You don't "deal" with people....

      Feb 9, 4:08 pm
    •   VelvetDragon

      posts: Dust in bedding is a big one. It can set me off having sex in bed. Also, when we go to hotels, we...

      Feb 9, 4:04 pm
    •   VelvetDragon

      votes: Yes, I have allergies.

      Feb 9, 3:58 pm
    •   VelvetDragon

      votes: Yes, they can effect my sex life.

      Feb 9, 3:58 pm
    •   VelvetDragon

      posts: Regardless of the science, I'm gonna say never. Just look at Betty Dodson. XD

      Feb 9, 3:49 pm
    •   VelvetDragon

      votes: never

      Feb 9, 3:48 pm
  • Discussion:

    Ask Eden Anything!! - Live Event Saturday,...   (124)
    started by Ansley
    Category: Shopping the site
    •   cherryredhead88

      posts: Thank you! Id really like to start reviewing again. I hope i can get domething soon.

    •   cherryredhead88

      posts: I still want to know why its so damn hard getting anything to review. It never used to be like this....

  • Review:

    Curvaceous captain review
    Super Cute Details
    by Vegan Silk
    •   Vegan Silk

      writes: Super Cute Details

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