Slutty Girl Problems
Slutty Girl Problems
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    My Njoy Experience (giggle)   (7)
    started by Vnessa
    Category: Personal Experiences
    •   Rossie

      posts: Hmmm, the plug's base is designed to stay out of the way during sex, but it's a good idea to try...

      8:41 pm
    •   Rossie

      posts: Nope, not for mine. Your husband's probably not used to the plug yet — it is hard after all.

      Yesterday, 8:15 am
  • Discussion:

    Sex toy heaven?   (7)
    started by laxplaya18
    Category: Dildos
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: And good thing most car and phones have GPS nowdays. Easier to find one's way back home.

      7:27 pm
  • Contributor:

    Always keep your Lover guessing...
    6.0 / 10
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Oh darn, posted the previous comment on the wrong person's wall ! [smile |...

      7:01 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Looks like the lights been green for a while. Yes, it's stuck on green. Please proceed or you will...

      6:58 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: You have another opportunity. Better hurry, it's time for...

      Apr 17, 7:32 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: If you snozze, you lose.

      Apr 17, 7:24 pm
  • Discussion:

    Apologies -- Was Away for Personal Reasons   (3)
    started by charmedtomeetyou
    Category: Mentor Program
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      posts: I'm glad to hear you are okay and back to Eden. Yes some of us were concerned. Noticeably...

      6:52 pm
    •   charmedtomeetyou

      posts: I'm very sorry to have dropped off the face of the Eden Earth. I had some very serious personal...

      5:57 pm
  • Contributor:

    Always love to try new things.
    0.6 / 10
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Thanks for the review on the Double perpetrator cock ring. It looks like a very interesting toy....

      6:48 pm
  • Contributor:

    OH&W, Lovebears
    OH&W, Lovebears
    Life will go on with or without us. Enjoy it while you can.
    7.9 / 10
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Thank you Sym for reading, rating, and the nice comment on our ODM review !

      12:40 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Well Feisty one, I guess you did not chicken out after all. Round two tonight ?

      Yesterday, 1:16 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: I need a smiley saying "Shh, hush" [smile | 9 |...

      Apr 18, 12:44 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Thank you BO and Vn for reading and rating Her Orange Dream Machine review.

      Apr 18, 12:30 pm
    •   OH&W, Lovebears

      says: Saw it. I'll do the same. btw, copied it. Lol. Now have something to hold .... ...[smile | 50 |...

      Apr 15, 7:37 pm
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