Wicked Wahine
Wicked Wahine
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    Wicked Wahine
    Wicked Wahine
    5.9 / 10
    •   SexScienceAndFood

      says: thanks :-D Once I really got the picture of what people wanted, I went with it. Good people here...

      5:20 pm
    •   SexScienceAndFood

      says: I actually submitted the 2.0 XL review to charmedtomeetyou a couple days ago :-D Decided to do the...

      Jul 15, 4:26 pm
    •   SexScienceAndFood

      says: Take some credit, you did help polish a few sections that needed a some work :-D

      5:19 pm
    •   charmedtomeetyou

      says: Very sweet, but I had very little work to do with this one, it was amazing from the start! [smile |...

      1:31 pm
    •   Wicked Wahine

      says: You did a fabulous job! Your description section was really top notch and I can't think of anyone...

      12:04 pm
    •   Wicked Wahine

      rated the review

      11:21 am
    •   Wicked Wahine

      rated the editor's job

      11:21 am
  • Discussion:

    Pure Plug 2.0 actual weight   (13)
    started by Camilo1985
    Category: Anal Toys
    •   SexScienceAndFood

      posts: actually, no. oz are base 16 and we use base 10 in our life all the time.

      1:47 pm
    •   SexScienceAndFood

      posts: 1 lb 4.125 oz or, 1.26 lb...

      1:45 pm
  • Contributor:

    An open mind is a fun mind
    4.6 / 10
    •   Wicked Wahine

      says: You did a fabulous job on your 2.0 review!!!

      12:09 pm
    •   BlackOrchid

      says: Just stopping by to say hello, and let you know that you have a new follower!

      8:11 am
    •   Wicked Wahine

      says: Bilateral symmetry, LOL, that's great and I think people will understand that without problem. I am...

      Jul 15, 5:06 pm
    •   Wicked Wahine

      says: Just read your comment about maybe trying a technical review and i say GO FOR IT! I am sure people...

      Jul 15, 3:48 pm
  • Poll:

    Is 16 years too much of an age difference?   (13)
    started by Irish Fyre Queen
    Category: Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
    •   SexScienceAndFood

      posts: As long as things are legal, meh. Though a difference in age is still a relative metric, and...

      8:47 am
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