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Suction Cup Position Guide

More handsfree pleasure with suction cup toys

What is a Suction Cup?

Suction cup is a round base that creates suction with a firm surface making your toy stick to it. Toys with suction cup allow for amazing variety of positions and exciting stimulation.
What is a Suction Cup?

How to Use Toys with Suction Cup?

on the floor
The most basic position is on the floor. Get on your knees and ride the toy. You can use your hands for extra stimulation or for additional support.
Stick your toy
Stick your toy to the wall low down. Get on your fours, and gently push on it doggy style.
Get in the shower
Get in the shower and suction the toy to the back wall. Bend from the waist all the way down and penetrate yourself by pushing onto the toy.
While making oral love
While making oral love to your partner attach your suction cup rabbit vibrator to a wall or floor and enjoy additional stimulation
Attach your toy to the chair
Attach your toy to a chair and move up and down flexing your knees.
Move a door
Move a door with dildo attached to it back and forth and enjoy realistic action.