Outdoor Kama Sutra – a practical guide to exotic applications of Kama Sutra

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Outdoor Kama Sutra Book by Fair Winds Press
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  • Outdoor Kama Sutra - Book
  • Outdoor Kama Sutra - Book
  • Outdoor Kama Sutra - Book
  • Outdoor Kama Sutra - Book
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The "Outdoor Kama Sutra" is a practical and inspirational guide to making love in romantic natural settings, based on the most renowned and ancient book ever written on the arts of love. Discover how to invigorate your relationship and add an exciting new dimension to your love life. Over 300 lavish photographs have been shot in beautiful locations in India, providing a sense of spiritual tradition, natural beauty, and sexual intimacy, while ancient Indian illustrations and teachings from the Kama Sutra itself offer guidance and inspiration throughout the book. Clear step-by-step demonstrations of sensual love positions are easy to follow, and suggestions for inventive erotic techniques are guaranteed to heighten your pleasure. There are also dozens of inspired ideas for finding the perfect location and creating an outdoor boudoir.

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    Michelle Pauli
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    Fair Winds Press
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    2006 year
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