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  • Shopping with ~LaUr3n~

    The Most-est Hostess

    Want the most out of your toys in terms of possible functions while also thinking about budget and safety? After reviewing over 600 items, I have figured out which products have been worth having and which have not. I am very creative and have found many new interesting ways to use toys. I like to make sure I get the most BANG for my BUCK! I want to make sure you do too!

    • Products: 118
    • Fans: 1566
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  • Shopping with Jul!a

    Lingerie For All

    Some lingerie promises to fit just about everybody when it doesn't, and some don't fit smaller people. I've got a serious love affair with lingerie and have dealt with enough to know what's gonna cut it and what isn't. Some things here will end up catering to the smaller framed, but some things are going to fit bigger frames better. If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

    • Products: 61
    • Fans: 1515
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  • Shopping with Carrie Ann

    Shopping with Carrie

    Favorites from 6 years of using and reviewing sex toys.

    • Products: 39
    • Fans: 1469
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  • Shopping with Sir

    Kinky Kravings

    Looking to spice up your sex life? Curious about what it's like to spank or be spanked? Or perhaps you're just looking for a little something to struggle against or keep that feisty partner of yours tied down? Anything that you might need to express those kinks can be found here. Have fun with these high quality BDSM products!

    • Products: 94
    • Fans: 1454
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  • Shopping with Sammi

    Sammi's Whimsicals

    Welcome to my store, a collection of the fanciful and whimsical in the sex toy realm. Here you'll find something to tickle your fancy and spark your imagination. My selections aren't realistic, but rather fun looking and fun to use in a variety of ways. Come indulge your fantasy!

    • Products: 69
    • Fans: 1431
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  • last stop - the highlands
    Hen Night Hijinks by The Butterfly Temptress
    Hovedret Flaming Lips @ Bill Graham Civic Center, Pre-New Years
    Holiday boxes Gold metal coil
    You've been given the task of planning a bachelorette party. Picture it, if you will- a private banquet room at her favorite restaurant or club with balloons and naughty games just for girls. Read more
  • Crossed fingers III
    Sexy Slave by Jaimee23
    Celtic Preservation Knot gucci-black-platform-shoe
    Lucia... snail
    In the bedroom, she stripped down, took one of his designer ties, and her high heels. She felt sexy...she grabbed the bondage sex toys she had gotten off the internet... Read more
  • Candle
    Perfect obedience by His scarlett
    4263 Wonderful Early Victorian Hand Motif Bracelet
    radial blured circles Orange
    Anticipation of pleasure makes it even more intense. His Scarlette made everything perfect: she pampered herself, arranged her sex toys and waited for him patiently. Read more
    I Know You Want Me
  • Mid-Afternoon II
    Sapphic orgy initiation by Sleeping Dreamer
    Looking for balance Lesbian show IV
    Dark street Abstract
    This story will transport you to a lush velvet room hosting an all-female orgy. Indulge into the fantasy and use our sex toys to reenact this luscious story. Read more
  • Flower 2 ::A night in the pool surrounded by candles, ::
    A steamy encounter on a hot southern night! This little Georgia girl gets an unexpected visitor in bed one humid night – and has to stay very quiet or he'll stop his teasing altogether. Read more
    The Sleeping Eye by Photos8.com
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