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  • Shopping with ~LaUr3n~

    The Most-est Hostess

    Want the most out of your toys in terms of possible functions while also thinking about budget and safety? After reviewing over 600 items, I have figured out which products have been worth having and which have not. I am very creative and have found many new interesting ways to use toys. I like to make sure I get the most BANG for my BUCK! I want to make sure you do too!

    • Products: 118
    • Fans: 1566
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  • Shopping with Jul!a

    Lingerie For All

    Some lingerie promises to fit just about everybody when it doesn't, and some don't fit smaller people. I've got a serious love affair with lingerie and have dealt with enough to know what's gonna cut it and what isn't. Some things here will end up catering to the smaller framed, but some things are going to fit bigger frames better. If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

    • Products: 61
    • Fans: 1515
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  • Shopping with Carrie Ann

    Shopping with Carrie

    Favorites from 6 years of using and reviewing sex toys.

    • Products: 39
    • Fans: 1469
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  • Shopping with Sir

    Kinky Kravings

    Looking to spice up your sex life? Curious about what it's like to spank or be spanked? Or perhaps you're just looking for a little something to struggle against or keep that feisty partner of yours tied down? Anything that you might need to express those kinks can be found here. Have fun with these high quality BDSM products!

    • Products: 94
    • Fans: 1454
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  • Shopping with Sammi

    Sammi's Whimsicals

    Welcome to my store, a collection of the fanciful and whimsical in the sex toy realm. Here you'll find something to tickle your fancy and spark your imagination. My selections aren't realistic, but rather fun looking and fun to use in a variety of ways. Come indulge your fantasy!

    • Products: 69
    • Fans: 1431
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  • | golf | Squared Circle - paperweight
    If you have your sex toys with you in your purse nothing can stop you from relieving your stress with orgasm. Read how Urban Gypsy does it in this sex fantasy. Read more
    Shells from Australia
  • Group beauty Yellow leaf
    Sir has his sweet little bitch blindfolded and just begging to be fucked. This detailed romp is full of hard-thrusting, whip-cracking desire. Read more
  • Flower 2 ::A night in the pool surrounded by candles, ::
    A steamy encounter on a hot southern night! This little Georgia girl gets an unexpected visitor in bed one humid night – and has to stay very quiet or he'll stop his teasing altogether. Read more
    The Sleeping Eye by Photos8.com
  • Red Czech Bead Necklace
    Are You Watching? by Woman China
    Abstract City Hall swiss pomme
    Japan Mountain View The Stone Garden
    Indulge into cyber sex with this erotic webcam story and enjoy this sex toy kit with anal toys and a G-spot vibrator. Read more
    "Ripening of Fruit"
  • Under the Bed 48 cosmic rough riders:to be someone
    Have you ever thought of making your beloved one your slave? This versatile kit of leather collar and leash, purple fur lined wrist restraints, blindfold and a ball gag will help you realize all your Read more
    Free Eye and Snowflaked Lashes Creative Commons
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