Which SpareParts product is the best?

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Which SpareParts product is the best?

Ariel6909 Ariel6909
nikki lee
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Cant decide which product is best! help!
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We have the SpareParts Joque in pink and have never had a better harness. As far as we are concerned there is no better out there. We haven't tried any of the other products they offer only because we got the Joque and it was Perfect!! Why mess with perfection? I'm sure the other products are just as good though!!
nikki lee nikki lee
Originally posted by Ariel6909
Cant decide which product is best! help!
Hi Ariel6909!

It really depends on your personal preference. Here are the basic differences:

The JOQUE™ is our first and most popular harness. It is a jock style 2 strap harness. The straps kind of cradle your butt and leave your backside accessible.

The THEO™ is our single strap or thong style harness. Same functionality as the JOQUE™ but some folks have told us they feel more "fashionable" or sexy in it.

The DEUCE™ is our male harness. It was designed for prolonging foreplay and as an alternative to continue love making sessions in between erections. It’s also a fantastic choice of harness for men who have erectile dysfunction. It can be used with only a dildo or with penis and a toy simultaneously for dual penetration.

The TOMBOI™ harness has no straps and slides on and off as easily as a regular pair of briefs.

The SASHA™ harness is very similar to the TOMBOI™ but with femme flair. It slips on easily and with the included garters, becomes sexy lingerie.

Hope this helps,
Kenneth Fort Kenneth Fort
Originally posted by Ariel6909
Cant decide which product is best! help!
They're all pretty good. It depends what you want.
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