Three New Articles in Sexis!

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Three New Articles in Sexis!

Mr Guy Mr Guy
Hiya; hola; how ye be?

We're extremely pleased to present three new articles in Sexis today:

Hair: The Dawning of the Age of Gay Porn, by Daniel W. Kelly - a bumpy roller-coaster ride through the modern history of gay pornography.

Anatomy of Sexual Humor (and Yes, You Can Touch Those Bits Down There), by Bob Modern - sex; laughter? How and why do they go together like peanut butter and K-Y Jelly?

High-Tech Sex: Libido is the Mother of Invention, by L. Jade - as great as the WeVibe and LeLo are, they weren't the first to make breakthroughs in the sexual arts and sciences. Here, for your tingling edi-faction, are a few examples of high-tech sex in the pre-postmodern age.
Enjoy - and tell us what you think!
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TSM you have been a busy man. When do they let you out from behind the green curtain or is it a door? Seriously though, keep them coming. I love the latest on technology. It is rare I get to hear about Pygmalion, Hephastus and Blade Runner all in one article.
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