You are already an anal fanatic, but what anal activity do you still want to try, and which would you never try?

Bignuf Bignuf
So what are your "anal fantasy's", not yet realize? What is your "hard limit" anal play "no way" zone? What is the "rear end no-no" in your book?
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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
I'd love to try anal fisting but I'm way too small for it. Too bad since the idea really turns me on.

I'm thinking of exploring my fetish (klismaphilia) with my partner. She already singed up for it but I'm scared. I don't know why.
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
I would love to be pegged...hopefully one day
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I also love to make pegging a part of our normal repertoire. She tried once - but the Share didn't work and we don't have a harness.

The hard stop for me no real male penetration.
no longer here no longer here
For us, unfulfilled fantasy, pegging. Waiting for our harness to arrive. Hopefully this will be something we'll both enjoy. As a fantasy it is.
Two Grand Two Grand
No Male penetration, after a bad experience as a teenager I dont want to have a man in my ass. Iwas thinking about my wife pegging me, but she's not into anal. Giving or receiving.
Strider Strider
I want to try beads.
Istanbull Istanbull
Nothing over 2" diameter. Other than that I'll do whatever it is... except scat.
slynch slynch
I'm willing to try pretty much anything for her.
ScottA ScottA
I wouldn't mind trying extended pegging, perhaps even with a little restraint. As far as new stuff goes, I wouldn't mind trying fisting (her doing me - she has small hands, I have huge ones so we're not going there on her).
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