Advice for giving a blow job with neck pain

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Advice for giving a blow job with neck pain

Peggi Peggi
I've posted a similar question, however, this is regarding oral sex.

I have a few neck/shoulder/back issues which cause me a lot of pain. For oral sex, we've found that the most comfortable way is for him to lay down and have me to his SIDE, rest my head on his abdomen and have him thrust in my mouth, or have me lay on my back and he thrusts into my mouth. That's great advice FROM me to any of you with the same issue, but I'd love to know if there is a more comfortable way!

Basically, movement on my head/neck hurts. Too much movement of my arm/shoulder/wrist hurts. So, new POSITIONS would be great, also keeping in mind a big height difference (he is 6'7" I am 5'2"). Also, ideas for methods would be awesome.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions you may have for me! Gotta keep my man happy
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i know a site, hang on.

link i hope this helps, theres more positions there if your interested! :3
Undead Undead
What if he stood up while you sat in a chair or something? Or a way that you could sit back against something to keep your neck straight.
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