Moaning OR Screaming & Shouting?

IslandGoddess IslandGoddess
Which do you do? Personally I think im too shy to scream and show my "wild" side, I moan most times with a few screams here and there. My boyfriend always says "why you not screaming" He says it makes him feel like he's not doing it right and it s not that,because trust me he does it RIGHT, it feels great but im more of the "moaning type". I just feel like I look or sound stupid if I was to scream "yehh baby fuck me!!" or "put that dick inside me, fuck me like never before!" or something like that. But some people scream out words and commands and say crazy stuff during sex and it comes natural to then as for me it doesnt. Does anybody else feel this way? Are you more of a screamer or do you just enjoy the ride and moan your way through?
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married with children married with children
she moans alot. I wish she would just let loose and be loud sometimes. I know we cant when the kids are home, but there has been alot of times we have had the whole house to our selfs.
yrnw yrnw
i'm a moaner.
screaming just doesn't feel natural to me.
And nothing is as unsexy as forced sex noises.
babychika babychika
Cant help but scream LOUD. No shouting though, talking during sex is wierd.
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
I'm a light moaner. My partner and I really have never had a chance to make a ton of noise. We both have roommates and thin walls.
sassyNsensual sassyNsensual
I'm a big moaner
Rossie Rossie
I moan a lot, and it can get pretty loud sometimes. Afterwards, I always ask my husband whether I was too loud, worried that I might have woke my son!
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