Sex and Kids

jdloelo jdloelo
Have your children ever caught you in the act? If so what age were they? And how do you address the situation when you get caught?? Do you tell them the truth, make up a lie, or just act like nothing happened?
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Airekah Airekah
I don't have children, but I have walked in on my parents several times. WE just always act like nothing happened. Also, my parents have walked in on me several times.... just acted like nothing happen. It's a scary experience either way though.
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
We've been "almost caught." My kids are 3 and 5 so we'd probably make something up. When they're older, though, we'll probably just do the birds and bees talk. If we've already had that talk, then we'll just explain it. If they're teenagers, pretend like nothing happened.
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