Wishing I had one of those expensive throw blankets

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Wishing I had one of those expensive throw blankets

Kestrel Kestrel
I had an inexpensive faux suede throw on top of my bed when my partner squirted heavily. I simply replaced the throw with another and continued. Afterward, I discovered that her juices had gone through the throw, duvet cover, duvet, sheets, mattress pad and into the mattress. Ugh.

While I save up for one of those expensive throw blankets, any suggestions for preventing a repeat? I might try using towels next time, but that requires a break in the action, which is why having a throw is so nice. Maybe I'll keep a towel under the throw, but even a towel would not have been enough for the gusher I hit last time.
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those are sooo overpriced! Do you have a waterproof mattress pad on the bed? Towels just aren't sexy but can be practical. What about a throw with a type of material that is not the type to soak through. probably wouldn't be a sexy material, but mattresses are expensive!

clean with oxiclean btw, and then febreeze, let it dry, then flip it over perhaps.

and definitely waterproof mattress pad, they make the kind now that you don't even notice that it is waterproof.
Kestrel Kestrel
A waterproof mattress pad is a great idea, thanks. Still, dry cleaning a down comforter isn't cheap.
married with children married with children
wal-mart has cheap water proff mattress pads. I think a king size was $20-30. Hope that helps.
ScottA ScottA
A while ago someone mentioned hospital/nursing home style bed pads. Under $20 and does the job. Also they're not permanent so you don't have a crinkly bed all night.
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