Sperm Count?

Mr.Zombie Mr.Zombie
Does Mtn. Dew really lower your sperm count?

I have heard that it is the amount of caffeine that it contains, but wouldn't that include all other sodas as well?

I have been curious about this for awhile. (I drink a lot of Mt. Dew. lol)
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RonLee RonLee
According to my son, Pepsi Max has more caffeine.
Kilgorescowboy Kilgorescowboy
I have no idea but i drink alot of it too.
Lindsey123 Lindsey123
doubt it.
Rod Martini Rod Martini
There is little scientific data to support this. However, I can say that if you drink a lot of Mountain Dew you will get fat, and that will make it harder to get a girl pregnant.
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