How long did it take you to say "I love you"?

sexykiss sexykiss
how long did it take you to tell you partner that you loved them? did you say it first? did you wait a long time before saying it
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Bex1331 Bex1331
I don't even remember the first time we said it, it just sorta happened and felt natural
ghent529 ghent529
6 months
indiglo indiglo
He said it first. It takes a bit longer for me to feel it, & then feel comfortable saying it. I'm rather picky/stingy with my "I love yous". I'm not sure how long it took me, but a little while - and definitely longer than it took him.
Nirelan Nirelan
He said it first and it was FAST....but we've been together for 10 years now so I guess it was love at first sight!
Envy Envy
It depends for me on how long I've known the person and all. I'm single now, but each guy I tried dating before, it either took a while, was too soon, or not at all.
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
My fiance said it first after dating for 3 weeks and during sex... I was incredibly awkward, but I guess it worked out because we have been together almost 6 years and are getting married in October.
js250 js250
My husband said it almost immediately when we started seeing each other, I had to wait for a bit. It has been 16 years, so I guess he was on to something!
Dixiemomma Dixiemomma
hehe He kinda "tricked" me into saying it first, and was fairly soon! i forget how exactly He did it but He kept hinting around and beating around the bush until i just had to laugh and be like you want me to say it first huh? and He grinned all big like a kid and i kissed Him and told Him i loved him and He immediately said it back. i've never been one to day it first or fast... there was a couple guys i dated over a year and never told them i loved them. but when its right its right!
Beck Beck
He told me first. It was within the first month. He said something along the lines of..."I think I love you." LOL
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
About 6-7 months.
HarlequinBunnie HarlequinBunnie
Originally posted by sexykiss
how long did it take you to tell you partner that you loved them? did you say it first? did you wait a long time before saying it
I asked my husband this question and he said I told him first. I think he told me first because he bought me flowers, a C.D. of the Kinnlys, and a card. When I asked him why he did this he said,"because I love you". We had only been dating 2 (two) or 3 (three) weeks.
Bittenflame Bittenflame
a good 6 months or so
Nacht Stern Nacht Stern
Four months
kendra30752 kendra30752
Originally posted by sexykiss
how long did it take you to tell you partner that you loved them? did you say it first? did you wait a long time before saying it
About 3 1/2 months, I think? Maybe four. That was 6 years ago! We're still together.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
I actually said it by accident and scared her, then apologized... but we're still together after 9 months, so I guess I didn't mess things up with my utter verbal clumsiness. We say it now all the time.
Mitzuki Mitzuki
My current partner, I had known him for a year before we started dating. We were pretty exclusive to each other a few months prior to making it official, so it didn't take too long after that. We both said it at the same time, after some silence in our conversation.
Peggi Peggi
Well, we met online, I went to see him a week later, and then the following week is when we both said it, so technically 2 weeks of knowing each other, but after 1 week of officially dating.
ginainohio ginainohio
7 months
marshmallow marshmallow
like.. 5 months i think?
Mwar Mwar
About 2 months.
Willow Wand Willow Wand
I had an ex boyfriend ask me one time "When do you say it?" I was all sorts of confused and said "Say what?" He said "I love you?" and I said "When I mean it." yea, we didn't last much longer, lol, but we are still friends. That is all we were ever going to be. I only say it when I mean it, and I don't plan it.
PrincessYagami PrincessYagami
I can't even remember. I think I was the first to say it when we were still long distance friends. Now we're engaged and living together.
katat katat
my ex told me after 3 months, seemed too fast
jr2012 jr2012
I waited till he said it first! I was caught by surprise on valentines day.
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