What is your FAVORITE gift wrap?

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What is your FAVORITE gift wrap?

Bignuf Bignuf
We like the kind that do the RAINBOW reflective/shiny surface, but it is expensive and the rolls are NEVER the "long" kind....so BIG packages are tough.

However, there is "Plain Paper in colors", THEME paper (Christmas Trees, Snowmen), Novelty Paper (Snoopy, other characters)....etc.

There are silvered shiny paper, mylar clear wraps...etc.

SO...what is YOUR favorite holiday wrapping paper?
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Dirminxia Dirminxia
Honestly, I have always loved a unique design for every gift. I usually package each gift with a different friend of mine so that each gift I give never looks the same.

Out of all those however, my favorite was a shiny gold that was the color of butterscotch. it looked delicious.
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