Any poly people??

Cherry21 Cherry21
Anyone here poly? Or have an open relationship? Or just "play" with others?
Feb 13, 4:40 pm
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Andykh Andykh
Not me personally but im sure there are some on here. I've kinda had this idea in back of my mind but I could never go thru with it. It seems like it would be fun under the RIGHT circumstances.
Feb 17, 6:28 pm
MrClark MrClark
I've actually been conversing with a member who recently became active again on EF who is poly.

Me and my ex-girlfriend toyed with being in an open relationship vs breaking up when I moved and she decided she didn't want to move with me. But she didn't want to keep me from making a life or being happy in a relationship with someone where I now live as my relationship with her might keep me from putting down roots. I am not sure what life would be like if we had gone that route...
May 27, 3:28 pm
PolyLove PolyLove
Me! I'm poly! I have a husband, boyfriend, and a female FWB. <3
May 27, 4:01 pm
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