Public Restroom Use?

Tangerine Tangerine
When using the restroom in a public facility:
Do you touch the knobs on the faucet after you have washed your hands?
Do you use a paper towels to turn off the sick and/or open the door as you leave?

Also would like to know the gender of the person responding. Trying to get accurate survey results
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Rossie Rossie
It might be easier for other contributors to vote in a poll like this one: poll

I'm a female. I avoid direct contact with everything in a public restroom, I use paper towel to open/close the doors, turn on/off the faucet, use my foot to flush the toilet (if it's not automated), and squat over the toilet instead of touching the toilet seat.
Moein Moein
Here, I never go to public restroom even if I am going to die.
zwee75 zwee75
Female. I think I touch the knobs but with the backs of my hands. Then I dry my hands. If it's paper towels and not air, then I'll use the towel to open the door.
Ryuson Ryuson
I'm a female and I turn the knobs and then dry my hands. A lot of places on campus have motion sensing towel dispensers, faucets, and toilets and that makes me feel a lot more at ease!
Ghost Ghost
Female and I touch knobs... However, the only public restrooms I ever go on are at a few small vegetarian restaurants (always very clean) or where I work (also very clean).
Illumin8 Illumin8
Male, and I'm a total germaphobe. I can't stand touching things in public restrooms, so I try to use paper towels as often as possible.
Rossie Rossie
Just heard from the news, some Canadian researchers found that bacteria thrive on unused paper towels (the type made from recycled material). I guess I have to bring my own Brawny paper towels from now on!
married with children married with children
I only use a public restroom when I have too, and I hate touching anything inside.
KinkyNicki92 KinkyNicki92
i avoid touching everything that i possibly can. yuck
Trysexual Trysexual
Male..try not to touch anything. Since we have urinals I don't flush or they are automatic anyway.
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