What Made You Feel Welcome When You Started On EF?

js250 js250
There were a few things that I really appreciated as a new member. But--the feeling of being welcome and belonging to the 'family' was the most important and meaningful to me!! The day I felt welcome was when a long term member messaged me and told me they were glad I had joined and if there was anything they could do to help...just ask. That made me feel special that someone I really looked up to contacted little bitty me to offer their help anytime!!!

--Your big welcome moment?
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laflauta laflauta
There were two people who made me feel really welcome when I first joined. The first was you with your new member thread, and how you reached out to help us n00bs. The second was my mentor, Ryuson, who gave me a good idea of what the expectations were on the site. This is a tricky place to get used to, so I really looked up to the experienced members for an example of how to behave.
Mwar Mwar
I don't know. I didn't feel super welcomed in the beginning. I didn't feel unwelcome either... it was just... static. I felt it was a bit difficult breaking into the community, if you will.
ImaGodiva ImaGodiva
It was a person for me too, kendra30752. When I first found this site, even before I talked to her directly, her chatty comments on reviews and in forum threads made me feel like there are real people here who are honest and funny. Of course, since then I've found tons more great people residing here! It's ironic (and was surprising to me) that the most normal, intelligent group of people I've ever seen on a website are on a sex site.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Mine was just like you. I had a couple people who messaged me and welcome me and there were people who commented and said if I need help then to pm them.
Woman China Woman China
I am with Mwar here.

I never really felt like I was part of the community, and there are times when I still don't feel like I am part of the community. But I have always danced to the tune of my own guitar solo (ok, screw that, the whole bloody orchestra) so never really cared all that much.

But the first time I actually felt like I was being heard was when Rossie started quoting me in the forums and poking fun at me.
ShadowedSeductress ShadowedSeductress
Getting a mentor really helped me, and the fact that everyone actually said "Welcome to Eden".
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Originally posted by Mwar
I don't know. I didn't feel super welcomed in the beginning. I didn't feel unwelcome either... it was just... static. I felt it was a bit difficult breaking into the community, if you will.
It was like this for me as well.
LoveX LoveX
Well, I still don't feel completely welcome, but I think that is due to the lack of knowing (or recognizing) people on here. But js250, I have to hand it to you, you made me feel a lot better about being on here! You were an awesome mentor!
Wild<3 Wild<3
I agree with the few people who have said that they don't necessarily feel unwelcome but aren't exactly feeling like a part of the community. I participate in a few hings here and there, I jot down a few ideas that I have on Sexis and I've written three reviews but I still don't feel like a part of the community. If anything I feel like I'm kinda just here. Though I do always appreciate the comments and encouraging words on my articles and reviews!
js250 js250
***seriously blushing!!*** Thanks you guys!! I am glad I was able to help out and it means a lot to me that I helped you feel welcome and helped out!
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