Fun Factory Sex Toy Race

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Fun Factory Sex Toy Race

Ansley Ansley
Each morning and afternoon, I scan my favorite news aggregates looking for stories to share with you all. Usually, I find nothing of interest when it comes to the adult industry but this morning I stumbled on something rather comical.

Fun Factory has sex toy races!

Read the article for all of the details, but in short - they raced four sex toys while celebrating the downfall of DOMA and attendees could place bets on which toy would win. The proceeds were donated to Fun Factory's pet charities.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it a cute way to draw attention to the needs of those highly involved in the Sex Rights movements (I use that term as a catch-all for the various fights for equal rights and getting toys and acceptance of sexual desires/needs into the mainstream)? Is it just plain silly? More importantly, would you attend an event such as this?
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