HRC Invitational

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HRC Invitational

wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Hey all! I know I've been pretty silent for a bit, but I am still alive!

I just wanted to share this exciting news that I will be going to a cool two hour seminar type deal for the HRC on the 16th of September with my ex-fiance! We're both members of HRC and we got email "nominations," which I'm sure anyone else who gets their newsletters or has ever donated to them has gotten.

We decided "well what the hell? Why not go?"

He and I have really worked on repairing our friendship and I've come to terms with a lot of things. It's been really nice to build this back up.

If anyone is interested, I could definitely share the kind of information that they share with us there?

It's supposed to be more state-specific for where I live, but I bet there will be other info there that would be general. Plus, it's free! Just a donation is asked of us if we would like to donate.
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