My Upgrade Request - a little bit about me

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I really couldn't condense myself into the 150 characters allowed when applying for an upgrade so thought this may be the right place to do so. But now as I sit here to write this it feels like a bit of a pathetic sales spiel begging for votes, which isn't my intention, so I guess I'll just tell you a bit more about myself.

I'm a uni student from Sydney Australia, although I'm not to proud of being an Australian of late. I'm opinionated and incredibly passionate when it comes to people being able to express their individual sexualities. This has allowed me the great privilege of actually marching in the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and passing out safe sex packets (Information card that wraps around a condom & some lube.) to the throngs of party goers that night.

At 24 I may not have the life experiences of some who are older than me, however I do have my own individual unique point of view and feel I'm able to express it well most of the time. I live in a poly relationship with my boyfriend of 8 years and absolutely adore him.

I'm a bit of a hippy chic and love surfing, yoga and growing my own food. I'm Vegetarian and feel we should all be doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. I'm very well grounded, down to earth & happy. I'm also never afraid to back a cause I feel has merit or I believe in.

What's this got to do with reviewing sex toys? I;m not sure. That's for others to decide. I think I could become a great reviewer under the wings of my mentor & simply hope others will agree and vote me into the official ranks of a reviewer, or offer me criticism so that I can improve my reviews.

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