Upgrade request (introduction)

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Upgrade request (introduction)

Do emu Do emu
Hi all! I'm LaTara, a 24 year old queer returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Wow, what a mouthful (no pun intended)! As a very curious person, I am open to reviewing almost anything. My partner is very similar, and takes joy in trying out new things as well.

I have an eye for attention to detail, and take great pride in my hard work. I am always open to criticism or ways to improve myself in any way, which is also a valuable asset to a positive community like Eden. I have two reviews up so far, and am putting in the hard work to finish up some other reviews for products I've purchased from Eden.

Stumbling upon Eden has been one of the best things that has happened to me, and I'm making a point to be active. It's so important to me to be sex positive and open, and I'm filled with joy to be part of this community. I get to share my experiences with others and learn about theirs - what could be better than learning about sexuality?

Thank you for your consideration!
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Sammi Sammi
Welcome to the community!

And congratulations on your upgrade
Nazaress Nazaress
Good job, aratal, my favorite little follower!
Do emu Do emu
Aww shucks. Thanks so much!
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