Dr. Joel Keplan Universal prostate - some thoughts and need something... different

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Dr. Joel Keplan Universal prostate - some thoughts and need something... different

misioooo misioooo
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Hello all!
I recently got Joel Keplan Universal Prostate massager:

It feels good, but... I THINK something is lacking. My fonger feels different, better i would say.

Did anyone got Dr Joel and "upgraded: to something not so soft (like glass)? I think this may be the problem - mentioned toy is too soft, it bends too easily thus it wont gives enough pressure to proper spot.

BTW i am hetero, married for couple of years now and i am just starting to explore different pleasures han PIV or oral stimulation.
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Oriental husband and wife Oriental husband and wife
Try the N Joy Pure Plug 2.0. It's 1.75 " wide not 2.0 which is pretty difficult to take. While moving around or going for walks it gives you a great prostate massage and general sexy feeling. It will also give you an unbelievable climax while thrusting your partner. It may also will give you a larger harder erection.
misioooo misioooo
Thanks for suggestion. I will definitely look into NJoy Plugs. 1,75" sounds scary though!
JustaBubba JustaBubba
That does sound a bit large to me as well. I personally like the Naughty Boy from Rocks Off. I have the Cheeky Boy too but the bulbs feel weird to me both going in as well as coming out. The vibe sensation of both on the prostate is off the hook!! Yes, they are a bit pricey, but worth every penny that I spent on them!
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