Easing 'cheek' pain from butt plugs?

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Easing 'cheek' pain from butt plugs?

eatpills eatpills
Hi Everyone,

As many of you may have experienced, certain butt plugs tend to cause pain and irritation outside of the body due to the size and shape of the base. Personally, I've experienced this with silicone (Ryder) and metal (Pure Plug 2.0) toys. Does anyone have a solution for this issue or is it something that butt plug users just have to get used to?

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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I have this problem a few times while using my Ryder, for me it seems that the material does not slide against the skin. I just add some more lube to the area and it helps a lot. For your Pure Plug you could use silicone lube as it will last longer.

Aside from that, I think that some tolerance needs to be built up for it. Much like riding a bike or horse. Once your body get use to it the discomfort should go way.
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